Bumblebee has a retainer with Laundry Project India for the following services

  • Social Media Creatives – 12 Posts per month @ 12,000 + GST
  • 15% Campaign Management Fee on any Ad Spends


With the Covid Situation not improving, Bumblebee is moving to a Prepaid Model.

Valuing our relationship with you, existing Clients will be given a Credit Limit. 

Clients are requested to pay their Entire Outstanding or their Minimum Due within the Stipulated Time.

Your Invoices will be generated on the 3rd of Every month and you are requested to pay before 10th of that month.

Bumblebee does not Encourage any Cash Payments. All Payments made to Bumblebee will be to our Kotak Mahindra Account

18% GST will be mandatory

All future Job/Work Orders will only be accepted on the Work Order Form attached on this page. We request your cooperation in this regard.

Job/Work Orders will not be accepted over Emails

All official Communications related to the project and the client shall only be through Emails. Whats app will not be used.


Payment Details

Out standing

Bills Outstanding Amount Outstanding Oldest unsettled invoice
6 Bills
Rs. 55,582
4th Jan 2020

Credit limit

Credit limit Available credit limit
Rs 30,000
Limit Exceeded

Minimum Due by

Due date Pay by Services will pause on
Rs 25,582
15th July 2020
16th July 2020
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Date Month Amount Download
6th July 2020
June 2020
Rs 10107.11
8th April 2020
March 2020
Rs 11,800
4th March 2020
February 2020
Rs 11.800
10th February
January 2020
Rs 11,800
4th January 2020
December 2019
Rs 12,685