Among a million brands and their products and solutions, we make you stand out with our unique ideas. Present the best version of your brand to the outside world. Express yourself in taglines or creative videos. Be sold without actually selling! Because your business deserves nothing but the best.

Our team of ___ marketers, designers, strategists, event managers, ad writers, content creators, and client servicing managers work with you to provide custom and high-quality work. We have got over __ years of combined expertise across these fields yet, we begin every day as our first.

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From working with celebrities to promote a brand to working with them during events, the 8 does it all. Our services include pitching the right celebrity for the brand tonality, positioning them based on the market and managing their presence during events. We also offer digital marketing campaigns in partnership with celebrities.


The 8 specialises in creating all kinds of visual designs. Our expertise includes print (brochures, flyers, posters, standees) and digital designs (mailers, online ads) logos and animated GIFs.


In the digital era, audience consume advertisements And content on the go, via
social platforms.From budding brands to established businesses, social media marketing helps firms talk to the right audience.


From establishing a brand online to maintaining a brand presence through digital marketing, Google advertisements, SEO and SEM, The 8 offers end to end to solution.

Our team of content writers, account managers, and Designers conceptualize quality visual and textual content and run targeted campaigns to generate leads.


An idea is sold on marketing. True to this,our team of experienced marketers enable the best positioning of your brand both digitally and through traditional channels. We offer end-to-end services in ideating content, designing and running a campaign online and offline. Our strategies also include integrated online and offline marketing.


Videos convey thoughts most effectively. From scripting, shooting and editing advertisements to creating animated video content, we offer all services. We also specialize in Corporate videos

Public relation

Building and Maintaining a strong public image is quintessential for businesses and celebrities alike.The 8 offers print and digital medium PR management. Our expertise expands to campaigns, ideation and execution of event specific, product or solution specific launch campaigns and television commercial marketing. We liaise with leading media houses and ensure maximum coverage for the event in discussion. Our team of experts also work on the tonality and achieve the targeted reach.


One of the core competencies of our team includes the ability to create strong content. From print to digital content, we create them all.Our services include advertisement copies, content strategizing, blogs, whitepapers, technical writing, social media content and corporate reports.

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We are driven by a strong desire to deliver delight to our customers!. We are ‘The 8’ – infinite solutions.

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