How do you know your brand slogan is good?

When people buy your brand, they’re not just buying a commodity, but also a lifestyle. People usually look at brands as a way to show off their lifestyle to the ones around them. A memorable brand tagline will help make you more popular, increase sales, and get you leads. Here’s our three-step test to tell if your slogan is the one that’s going to convince them or if you may need to rework it a little.

1. Does it trigger a vivid and timeless image in their heads?

There’s a saying in the digital marketing industry that if you have to explain something to a customer, you need to make it clearer. That’s especially true when it comes to taglines or slogans. A tagline is not just a representation of a brand, it is a gateway to a new lifestyle. The minute you recite it to a person, they should get a vivid image in their heads of what lives they would be living with the help of the product. Create this imagery for the audience by using descriptive words.

2. Can it relate to everyone?

A tagline should be a celebration of the people who you want to own your product. Everyone who you’re targeting should be able to see themselves in it, and feel that it is appealing to them and only them. A sales-driven tagline is unlikely to win hearts, because focusing on sales now makes the product about you, rather than them. Keep the focus only on the target group and use words that draws them in.

3. Does it get an emotional reaction out of them?

When it comes to a tagline or slogan, people simply must have a reaction to it. Even if they love the tagline or hate it, they must at least feel something. The worst kind of reaction is if they are indifferent about it. Your tagline should resonate with the customer and encourage them to feel an emotion. Common successful emotions customers report feeling after reading taglines include:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Pity
  • Energy
  • Motivation

Final thoughts on brand slogans

Easy, breezy, and memorable – these are the three aspects that your tagline must have to be successful. If you want to work on your tagline or develop a new one, BBC is a content development company in Chennai that can help you come up with the perfect one.

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