Influencers: A Great Brand Asset

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today. The reason for this is because today’s consumers are more informed than ever. When it comes to making purchasing decisions, influencers are the ones driving customers to buy a particular product. Our guide to influencer marketing tells you which influencers will work best for your campaign.
  1. Choose the right platform and influencer

Before you begin your influencer-led campaign, you need to find out the following:

  • Which social media platform will you use?
  • Which industry do you want to use the campaign for?
  • What type of influencer do you want to attract?

For example, if you are working with a small brand, pushing for a celebrity as your influencer might not be the best idea. Consider the size of the influencer’s audience, their ideals and beliefs, and their social media channels.

2. Set a budget

While you might be excited about influencer marketing, you might be prone to overspending if you do not have an estimated budget. Once you decide on the influencer you want to work with, set your budget and how much you will spend on each stage.

3. Optimize the message

While influencer marketing is often used to generate leads, it also needs to be used to drive brand awareness. Think about what message you want the influencer to deliver or which audiences you want them to reach. Avoid choosing the influencer first and shaping your goals around them; instead, choose an influencer who fits your goals, and then make sure you keep their message consistent throughout your campaign.

4. Track the performance

The last step in the campaign is to track the performance. There are many ways you can conduct the tracking – one way would be to use a dedicated hashtag, and list the number of people who have used the hashtag in their social media posts. This will show you how many people have been following the influencer.


We hear about influencer marketing all the time. When correctly executed brands can expand their online following and generate a significant return on investment. The Bumblebee Branding Company can provide influencer marketing services to help you get started with the perfect influencer-led campaign.

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